Phillip Brummett Jr.



Phillip is the President and Founder of Spiritual Warfare Ministries Of Kentucky. To learn more about him, you can read his full Bio HERE. To see some of the evidence he has collected over the years, click HERE.


Phillip's new book is available through the publisher and Amazon.





Denise Collier



Denise lives in Sellersburg, IN., and helps out with cases in and around that area.

Denise is a stay at home mother of three and married to her husband of 15 years. But, don't let that fool you, for she is experienced with the supernatural and fighting on the front line. As a child she encountered a great number of experiences dealing with the spirit realm, both the good and the bad side. She lived in a home infested with demonic activity and learned to be a warrior of God, and how to fight the attacks of this brutal enemy. Her calling to this ministry is very deep and personal, and her hearts desire is to see the captives set free.


If you have any questions or would like to contact Denise, you can do so directly at: or Email



Gwen Carnes



Gwen is a Non-Demominational ordained minister and lives in Corbin, KY. She is a caretaker at work, and a wife and mom at home to her husband Johnny and their twins.

She has a lifetime of experience in dealing with the supernatural. During her years as an ordained minister, her spiritual gifts were well honed. When she lays hands on a person, God will often reveal the state of that person's soul, so that she can then know how to pray for them.

Through her experiences, she has been molded into a supernatural warrior, and is more at home in the spirit realm than she is in the physical realm. With her gifts, she can see, hear, feel, and know the intent any entities that might be present.

Gwen knows her gifts and understands the power that God has entrusted to her. And, she uses those gifts for the glory of God and to deliver those who are tormented and oppressed by evil.


If you have any questions or would like to contact Gwen, you can do so directly at:


Johnny Carnes



Johnny lives in Corbin, KY., with his wife Gwen and their twins. He is an avid outdoorsman, a dedicated husband, and devoted father. He is always ready to lend support to the team in whatever capacity needed.